First things first

25 Apr

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I first began to think about blogging and after having become more and more tired of the successive delays, I decided that enough was enough, so here I am.

I’ve been studying al Qa’ida and jihadi groups since I was twelve years old. Not the kind of passion you would expect from a child, but 9/11 attacks really made me curious about this issue. I then began to collect everything I could on the subject, from articles in newspapers to primary material on forums.

Basically, this blog will deal with issues related to jihadism in general and al Qa’ida in particular. I plan to discuss, comment and analyse things of interest (blogposts, articles from newspapers, jihadi material, etc) with a historical perspective, a thing often missed in jihad studies. Properly understanding history is not an option: it’s an essential step to give you a solid background on which you can make your own analysis on current events.

This blog is not designed to be an end in itself but rather an open platform for discussions and debates, so comments and feedbacks are much welcome.

As an aside note, people I deeply respect pushed me to undertake this little project, so here I’d like to thank them for their kind words and encouragements.

Oh, and you can follow me on twitter at @alleyesonjihad.

 So that is me, in a nuthsell. And now, let’s get down into business.


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